Amelia is located in the romantic area of ​​San Sebastian, its location is particular;  “hidden” in a little busy street, a few meters from El Buen Pastor Cathedral. We are a modern restaurant, with capacity for 28 diners, where we only serve tasting menu; Combining different flavors, textures and memories in creations, to make this trip an unique experience.

Our work philosophy focuses on using seasonal, sustainable, raw material and the revaluation of forgotten products. We mainly relate to small producers who share our values, who go over markets, to provide us fresh and top quality products daily. The winery of Mario, our sommelier, shares the same philosophy; Covering different countries of the world, making sure its method of production is biological or biodynamic. He has chosen to serve 90% of our wines “by the glass”, giving our diners the possibility to taste the greatest variety possible.

Chef Paulo Airaudo

Chef Airaudo was born in Argentina to a family of Italian immigrants and, since the age of 18, has worked around the world including Mexico, Peru and in a number of European countries. In Europe he gained experience in legendary restaurants such as Arzak (3*Michelin) in San Sebastián, The Fat Duck (3*Michelin) near London and Magnolia (1*Michelin) in Italy.
In May 2015 he opened La Bottega, a forward-thinking modern trattoria in the historic part of Geneva. Just four months later, in October 2015, the restaurant received its first Michelin star, an extraordinary achievement. Now Airaudo has created his first solo restaurant in the global culinary centre of excellence of San Sebastián, taking him back to where his European adventure originally began.
As he explains: My family loves San Sebastián. I love San Sebastián. We’re happy here which is the best possible reason to build this restaurant. At the same time, this magical town has the eyes of global chefs and foodies upon it, which in a way makes it possible for me to offer my food to the world.
After 14 years of cooking and seeking out culinary excellence all over the world, the nomad chef has finally found his home – even naming the ambitious endeavour after his 2-year-old daughter, Amelie, which means this time he’s here to stay. This time, it’s personal.

Our Choice

Our goal is to offer a unique experience, creating perfect harmony between seasonal products and technique in the kitchen, expressing itself to its maximum.
To carry out our mission, we chose to serve tasting menu to all our diners, in two versions.

Seasonal short menu

79.09 €

Seasonal menu

100 €

Our range of drinks is designed to highlight each dish, making sure to perfectly complement this experience.

Short pairing

54.54 €

Full pairing

68.18 €

Amelia pairing

105.54 €

(Our prices don’t include 10% IVA)

To fully enjoy it, we ask that you spend at least 90 minutes with us.

Bookings for the San Sebastian Dinner Series by Amelia featuring guest chef, ZUMA-Executive Reif Othman of The Experience, Dubai now open. Book here / Asegura tu lugar

Summer langostine and tomato
Celeriac cacio e pepe
Our bread
Scallops, Rossini caviar and pepper
Deer tartar and bottarga
Txangurro salad
Chicken wings and onion
Red mullet, artichoke and shrimp
Sweetbreads black garlic and carrots
Duck and corn
The cheese
Clementine curd and citrus essence
Topinambur, white chocolate and walnuts

Please be aware that due to freshness and seasonality, amount of courses are subject to change without prior notice.

If you have allergies or intolerances and inform us in advance, we are be able to adapt the menu to your medical restrictions. For this please email Inform us of your allergy or intolerance no later than one day before your arrival, so the kitchen has time to adapt the menu according to demands.

Cigala de verano y tomate
Apio nabo cacio e pepe
Nuestro pan
Vieiras, caviar Rossini y pimiento
Tartar de ciervo y bottarga
Ensalada de txangurro
Alitas de pollo y cebolla
Salmonete, alcachofa y gambas
Mollejas, ajo negro y zanahorias
Pato y maíz
El queso
Curd de clementina y esencia de citricos
Topinambur, chocolate blanco y nueces

El menú es para fines de ejemplo y por lo tanto pueden cambiar en cualquier momento

Si padecen alergias o intolerancias podremos amoldar nuestro menú a sus restricciones medicas siempre que nos informen de ello con pre-aviso. Para ello deberán escribirnos a, rogamos que nos informen de su alergia o intolerancia mas tardar un día antes de su reserva, para de ese modo poder informar a la cocina con el tiempo suficiente de poder adaptar el menú de acuerdo a sus exigencias.